Arno's Lifeline

Arno’s title is an xsellerator™. It stands for someone who excels at increased turnover and sustainable results. He advises entrepreneurs and investors who are not satisfied with the status quo and insist on growing faster than the market.

Arno's entrepreneurship began in the early 90s. Since that time his ventures have worked closely with more than 100 companies. He simply delivers results and creates sustainable value. Arno works deeply and seriously with companies to take them way out in front of their competition. He’s an advocate who aims to be rewarded based on results delivered.

Arno has also worked as a board member of the Dutch Sales Management Association. In 2010 he became the first Certified Coaching Associate from Gazelles’ Scaling up Method in Europe, owned by growth guru Verne Harnish. Until 2016 he was a regular columnist for the Dutch trade magazine SalesManagement. Arno is an avid collector of sales books and a regular traveller to his favorite place to live: Andalucia, Spain.

Arno’s insights in people and performance management, hiring A-Players, and organizing for accelerated business growth are unparalleled.
— Marc Swartjes, Managing Vice President @Gartner
Arno came to solve a problem for us and that’s exactly what he did. The improvements were impressive, and all of this while keeping the team spirit high.
— Hans van der Sluis, General Manager @Getronics
Arno is a true expert in strategic sales matters. His continuous global study in sales performance and customer behavior makes him very valuable.
— Honore du Puy, Founder & Owner @ICTroom