Smarter, better, faster


SMARTadj. smart·er, smart·est

  • Characterized by sharp quick thought; bright.
  • Quite strong, intense, numerous, etc.
  • Energetic or quick in movement.
  • Capable of making adjustments that resemble human decisions.
  • Accomplished; talented.
  • Brisk; vigorous; lively.
  • Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluate, reevaluate.

BET·TERadj. comparative of good

  • Greater in excellence or higher in quality.
  • More suitable, more desirable, more favorable, more profitable, etc..
  • More highly skilled or adept.
  • Greater or larger.
  • More advantageous or favorable; improved.
  • Improved in health or disposition.
  • Of a more excellent sort; surpassing another or others.

FAST - adj. -  fast·er, fast·est

  • Capable of acting or moving quickly; swift.
  • Accomplished in relatively little time.
  • Acquired quickly with little effort.
  • Quick to understand or learn; mentally agile.
  • Allowing rapid movement or action.
  • Firm in loyalty.
  • Lasting; permanent.