Solution Selling

"What is the definition of the word solution? The typical response is, "An answer to a problem." I agree with this response but feel it's important to expand the definition. Not only does the problem need to be acknowledged by the buyer, but both the buyer and salesperson must also agree on the answer. So a solution is a mutually agreed-upon answer to a recognized problem. In addition, a solution must also provide some measurable improvement. By measurable improvement, I mean there is a before and an after. Now we have a more complete definition of a solution; It's a mutually shared answer to a recognized problem, and the answer provides measurable improvement."

 Keith M. Eades, author of The New Solution Selling

So, do your clients acknowledge the problem? Do they (and you) agree on the answer? Are you able to provide measurable improvements?

This is to keep you (and your clients) out of the recession.