Crisis? What crisis?

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Als afsluiter van de reeks artikelen over Recession Proof Selling heb ik een vraag gesteld op LinkedIn: "What are your secret weapons to increase sales in a recession?". Lees in dit artikel een samenvatting van de mooiste quotes of lees de 33 antwoorden op LinkedIn. Alles wat je aandacht geeft, groeit. Kijk naar wat je wilt zien. En laat het voor iedereen duidelijk zijn wat je bijdraagt. Dat helpt, als je zaken wilt doen.

"When written in Chinese the word "crisis" is composed of two characters - one represents danger and the other represents opportunity" - John F. Kennedy


"Reality is a state of mind. If you are fed by the media that there is a recession, you may eventually believe it is there! However, if you believe this is the greatest opportunity for growth, as most of your competition are going out-of-business, this is a different reality, isn't it? Henry Ford is frequently quoted: If you think you can, or you think you can't - You're right! I believe this is true. If you believe that business is tough right now, you're results will justify your beliefs. If you can train yourself to ignore the doomsayers, you'll realize there is a different reality, a prosperous reality, with lots of opportunities!" - Raz Chorev

"Why is it that every time there’s a whisper of looming recession, marketers go into panic mode. It seems to me that “scary” times offer companies the perfect opportunity to re-focus and remember why consumers buy products in the first place – it’s called the science of psychology and it works through feast or famine." - Sandeep Srivastav

"If one can differentiate one's solutions or products when others are complaining about the economy, you will stand out and beat the competition. Other than the above, building good customer relationship are vital in times of needs and economic slowdown, be prepared to stand out in the crowd and even be ready to think out of the box and do things beyond customers' expectations. The market is made up of close communities and words will spread quickly in the industry. If you do the right things and do things right, you have pave the road to success in any market and economic situations." - Steve Ng

"Keeping in touch with my clients, prospects and referral partners on a regular basis. Continuing to give to others. It's nothing new and works regardless of the economy. My business has never been better because people are looking for ways to increase their business and I offer a way to do that." - Scott Cunningham

"During a recession, not all businesses stop buying products and hold off on all purchasing decisions. If they did, they would be out of business. Find that sweet spot for your product and develop your strategy and carry it out." - Maurice Valerio

"In order to interact with people successfully and (to a lesser extent) sell to them, one must be interested in sharing with them and helping them achieve their desires (those things that drive them and benefit them in their personal and professional lives). For this reason, sales professionals should be prepared to "Live to Give" and understand people at at the highest levels. Strive to become a skillful people person- understanding how to inspire them, lead and follow them (as appropriate) and help them achieve what it is they desire (at any level) and the state of an economy will never impact sales performance." - Edward Williams